How To Beat Stage Fright

Showtime is approaching, our hands become sweaty, we feel butterflies in our stomach and wish we could be anywhere else in the world so we wouldn’t have to face an audience! Let’s face it, most of us singers have experienced feelings like these at some point in our career and wished we could somehow beat stage fright.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. I’m about to share a few tips and tricks that have worked wonders for me and will hopefully help you become a more confident singer too.

We’re human beings after all, and it’s absolutely normal to feel nervous before a performance, especially at the beginning of our singing career. Experience will play a major role in boosting your confidence, making you feel more in control, performance after performance. There are also a few things we can do to actively speed up this process and put us in the right mindset to make stage fright a thing of the past.

Before The Performance

In the lead up to your performance, for example, it makes sense to rehearse until you’re close to perfection. But don’t get over-anxious about being perfect on stage. Mistakes happen, and most likely no one will notice unless you make it obvious for them to do so. Rule number one: the show must go on. Whatever mistake you make, put on your poker face and carry on like if nothing happened. It may take some practice but, eventually, it’ll become second nature. And you’ll be surprised how much more confident you’ll become just by being aware you can keep your performance on track no matter what.

It is good practice to prepare for your performance visually as well as vocally. A well-planned performance, where you know exactly what’s going on and what you’re supposed to do at any given moment will make you feel in control. This will also make easier to keep your audience entertained.

Another good tip: warm-up! Get your voice ready for your performance, stretch your muscles to release some tension and breathe from your diaphragm. A relaxed body will translate into a more relaxed performance.

During The Performance

If you feel really nervous as you’re walking on stage, think about why you’re there: it’s because you love singing. If that’s not enough to convince you shouldn’t be scared, try and interact with your audience, entertain them. No one is there to judge you, they’re all there to have fun, and so should you.

Think about your performance as it if was a chat amongst friends, where instead of talking you’re actually singing. Make eye contact and share the story and emotions of the song through your voice.

You can also visualise yourself in a familiar environment where you’re usually relaxed when you sing: a rehearsal room, your living room, car, shower, wherever! That’ll help to recreate the same relaxed feelings on stage too and really help you beat stage fright.

Another thing you can do if none of the above works is to create a stage persona, a sort of alter ego that will relieve yourself from the pressure of being on stage. You’re there, but it’s actually the character you’ve created that’s performing.

After The Performance

Repeat the cycle: rehearse more, make the most of the experience you’ve gained from your last performance and learn from your mistakes to make your next performance the best to date. And most of all enjoy yourself along the way!

Have you got any advice or tips that have worked wonders to reduce or beat your stage fright? Feel free to get in touch and share them with us!

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