Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way Guitar Solo Plus Tabs

Are you gonna go my way (Guitar Solo) performed by Alex Bonanno

Let's Break Down This Solo:

Bar 1 to Bar 5

Beginning in the 12th position, the solo is staple E minor pentatonic, using slides and pull-offs. Craig Ross(Lenny Kravitz's guitarist) avoids clichés by employing some nifty syncopations in bar 4 and the use of E major pentatonic(E f# G# B C#).

Bar 5 to Bar 6

The first Quick legato pentatonic run utilises the third and first fingers primarily. You may like to use the second finger for the slide up to G#, since the arpeggio is based around E major and your fingering needs to suit.

Bar 7 to Bar 10

Craig Ross creates rhythmic interest by using lots of dotted rhythms, rather than flurries of 16th notes. Make sure you support all the third finger bends with first and second finger, especially the wider minor 3rd bends in bar 10, so that your intonation is accurate and controlled.

Bar 10 to Bar 13

This four-bar section is best broken down into digestible portions, since it all happens very quickly. Again Ross breaks up the monotony of simply using 16th notes throughout, with various syncopations. These need to be learned slowly, although you can simply practise any bar you wish over the entire track, treating it like a long backing track.

Credits: The solo breakdown is part of the "Transcriptions" section of the "Guitar techniques magazine(July 2006)"

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