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Fast Track Your Progress With 1-To-1 Piano Lessons

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Our 1-To-1 Piano Lessons have been designed to help you play your favourite music and maximize your musical talent, quickly and effectively. As a welcome side effect, playing the piano can also enhance concentration, relieve stress and is generally good for your mental health. And it’s great fun too!

We offer:

  • Piano Lessons For Beginners
  • Piano Lessons For Intermediate Students (Up To Grade 6)
  • Piano Lessons For Kids
  • Online Piano Lessons

What will you learn at lesson?

A typical piano lesson consists of 3 sessions:

  • Warm-up: you will practise scales and specific exercises to prepare the muscles of your hands for the playing that follows
  • Technique: Depending on your goals and current level you will be practising exercises aimed at enhancing your agility, fingering control, posture and speed
  • Repertoire: You’ll put all the techniques you’ve learnt into practice and apply them to the music you’ve chosen to study

You’ll be gradually introduced to all the music theory you need in order to progress (note and rest values, pitch, time, G and F clefs, time and key signatures, scales, chords, etc.)

Some more info
I specialize in Pop & Classical music. I teach students aged 8+ (I can email my DBS certificate upon request). I can record your lessons and forward it to you for future reference and to help with practice in between sessions

What Our Students Say

Max is patient, and very knowledgeable, pushing me to improve but not overwhelming me with exercises

Fred Burgess

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Reaching Your Goals Starts With 3 Easy Steps

We love to think we make an impact on the lives of our students, by providing them with first class tutoring. But for us, that’s just a starting point. We think the overall experience is taken to another level when teacher and student work together towards a goal. And that you can really enjoy your passion for playing the piano to the fullest when you have all the means to achieve that goal. For this reason we’ve decided to do things a bit differently and to get to know our 1-2-1 piano students before we embark on a journey of transformation with them. If you’d like to study piano with us, there are 3 simple steps to take:

20 Min FREE Phone Consultation With Sonic Crew London Icon

You will be able to discuss your needs and goals and ask any questions you might have. If we’re both satisfied we will move to the next step.

Book an introductory Piano Lessons online or at our studio in Lee, South East London. You will get to experience our teaching style first-hand and see if we’re a good fit.

You can sign up to one of our existing plans or create a bespoke plan that’s 100% in line with your needs

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We’ve done our best to make this webpage as informative as we could. But nobody is perfect and we understand you might still have some unanswered questions. You’ve got 2 options here:

  1. Contact us to request more info and we will get back to you within 1 working day (most of the times much sooner!)
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2. Every first Thursday of the month, Max Bonanno from Sonic Crew will be live online for an introduction to our lessons and activities, followed by a Q&A session where you’ll be able to get an answer to all of your questions

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