Make Your Voice More Powerful In 3 Easy Steps (…and about 5 minute’s work!)

If you’re looking to develop a more powerful voice, there are 3 very easy steps you can take, which are guaranteed to produce dramatic results in a very short amount of time and with minimal effort:

#1. Project the sound of your voice forward

Choose a target in the room where you’re practicing and imagine you hit the target with your voice. Alternatively, you can visualize yourself performing live and using your voice to connect directly with your imaginary audience.

#2. Open your mouth more when you sing

By doing so you create a larger space for your voice to resonate, which translates into a bigger, louder sound. This really is a case of small adjustments that produce big results. And also helps with point 3.

#3. Relax the muscles around your larynx

Whenever those muscles get tense, they pull your larynx up, which makes singing uncomfortable and the sound of your voice weaker. There’s a range of singing techniques that can help you with this. As tension usually kicks in when you approach the pitches at the top of your range, the first thing you should try is to lift your soft palate (the soft flesh on the roof of your mouth, between mouth and throat) to stabilize your larynx. To lift your soft palate, imagine you’re swallowing a whole apple. If you hold your larynx between your thumb and index finger you’ll feel your larynx drop and the tension from the muscle around it release.

It only takes a few minutes to go through all these steps and I’m confident you will see noticeable changes if you put them all into practice.

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  1. Thank you for your posting this information on techniques to improve vocal power when singing which makes excellent revision for what we have learned in class. Please keep posting :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Edgar, glad to hear you’ve found the post helpful. Please keep checking, more posts are on the way!

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